Friday, December 19, 2008

The Mesa Temple Christmas Lights

On December 18, Bret and I went to the Mesa Temple to see its Christmas lights with Brady and Sarah, our brother and sister-in-law. It was cold, but it was fun!
Before arriving, we weren't expecting much, just a few lights. But it turned out to be pretty cool. It was like a miniature Temple Square, except with fruit and palm trees. The temple did an awesome job decorating!

The Entrance
By the Lake

Bret, Brady, and Kade
Kade did not want to take a picture. Luckily Brady did
Very good's a Christmas tree

The Mesa Temple


Julie said...

Bri! I love the blog!! Sorry it took me so long, but I added you again to mine so let me know if it didn't work!
Also, I have links to Megan's and Angie's blog, and I think Val and Ashley have one too! You should add them to yours!
Love ya!

Aly G said...

Bret stay away from the blue lights! In your blue coat and the blue lights, it is sending the wrong message. (cougar blue?)