Tuesday, April 21, 2009


April has been a crazy but fun month. We've had some life changing plans, family in town, and we took a little trip to St. George/Zions.

Bret's family
The first week of April Bret's parents came into town. While they were here we carried on the same great traditions as usual. Some of our favorites include golfing and shopping. While the boys golf, the girls shop. It's quite fun. Another tradition is pedicures. This is Bri's favorite thing since it's so relaxing. Also, we know we're always going to eat well when they're here. Since Bret and I love our food, this was one of the best parts as well.
Although we loved doing these things, our favorite part during their visit was when they spent a night with us. We loved having company! We played a few intense games of Rummikub and talked for a bit. They were so fun to have around. Thanks mom and dad for coming to Arizona and making our week great!

St. George
After Bret's parents left we made our way to St. George where we met up with some of our "Utah friends" for some hiking, relaxation and good times.
On our way to St. George we got stuck in traffic for two hours at Hoover dam. Instead of driving the 6 hours it was supposed to take, we drove 8 hours. We arrived in St. George at 9:45 pm, which was just in the knick of time to hit Cafe Rio before it closed. It tasted so good and we were so happy we made it in time.
After Cafe rio we checked into our "classy" hotel the Cornoda Inn and Suites where we finally met up with our friends. It was so fun to see everyone again. Saturday morning we woke up to freezing cold rain and after some discussion decided to go to Zions despite the freezing weather. Saturday night we went swimming and hot tubbing. It was so fun! Sunday morning we packed up and left. Even though it was a short trip it definitely was worth going to see everyone again. We loved it. Thanks Steph and Trent for planning it.

Bri's Family
Before heading out of St. George we went to the St. George Temple for a few minutes. It is a beautiful temple! After we left the temple we drove to Hurricane to meet up with my mom and brothers (Tyler and Colby) who were on their way to visit us in Arizona. We then caravaned home. It was fun to have my family here. We played a lot of tennis, went swimming, relaxed, shopped, and went out to eat a few times. I had the chance to go to th Mesa Temple and perfom baptisms for the dead with my family. It was so neat to get to do that again.

Throughout the week our apartment got smaller and smaller as Trisha and Nate and dad showed up, but somehow there was enough room for 8 of us to sleep. Thanks everyone for coming down!! We loved having you guys here and hope you come back soon!!

Mesa Temple

Texas Roadhouse Birthday Celebration

Bret's Sim Lab
Claim Jumper - is that Harry Potter in background?!