Sunday, February 15, 2009


After we moved here and Bret wasn't required to shave for work, he started growing a beard. He definitely looks good with facial hair, but I like a clean shaven face better. So, after 6 months of facial hair, he surprised me and cut it. It's so good to finally see the face of the man I married again!! I love it. I doubt it will last long, but it's nice and smooth for awhile. Whoohoo!! (Bret does not want to be caught on camera so this is the closest I could get to a picture of what he looks like.)

This picture was taken at the amazing Valentine's Dinner Party we attended. Let me explain this party. Our friend Megan Armstrong put it on, and it was the perfect party. Every last detail was taken care of. The decorations were so cute. She made cute little nametags to put by our seats. The food was awesome. And she had the bar set-up with margarita and Pina Coloda mixes. During dinner we had background music, and the music had each couples' song on it. There were about 18 couples. Then we each got a CD of the background music to take home at the end of the night. To make the night even better, each girl got a rose with her initial to take home. It was a fun night and I'm thankful we were able to share it with friends. Thanks Megan!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Go Suns!

Our conversion to the local sports teams continues. We had the opportunity to go to the Phoenix Suns game last Monday and had a blast even though our tickets were on the very last row. Luckily right after half-time we were able to sit on the sixth row by Todd and Ashley. It made a huge difference! Thanks guys!! The Suns ended up killing the Kings, but it was still fun to be in the atmosphere and see Shaq and Steve Nash up close!!

Do you see the wall behind us? Yeah, that's called the very top row

We received the opportunity to take pictures of the whole arena

Our seats were so high we got nose bleeds

6 Rows above the Kings Bench - that's what I would call good seats!

Thanks to our slow camera we got a pic of both Shaq and Nash

Tuesday, February 3, 2009