Friday, March 26, 2010

1 More Week

This is more of a post for my records. Read if you'd like, but there's nothing interesting or of great importance in this post. It's just a rant of my feelings.

I can't take it anymore. Although I have a week left until my due date, I want our little girl (I'm still going to refer to her as Brue.) to get here and I want her here now! Time seems to be dragging on forever. Can't time go any faster?! She really seems to be content in my stomach, and unfortunately it doesn't look like things will change any time soon. I just really hope she doesn't come late. I don't know how much longer I can take it. Alright, enough with my complaining. I guess she'll come when she's ready. And my sister-in-law put it in perspective for me when she said she won't feel bad for me until I'm still pregnant a week after my due date. So, I shouldn't be complaining yet since most people go late with their first pregnancy. :)

On the upside - Brue isn't here yet, which means more time to prepare and get ready for her (ex: picking a name for her). I'm definitely taking my time with this aspect. I haven't really had a nesting moment that lasted more than a night yet, so things are coming along slowly but surely. Luckily, Bret is going through a little nesting period so things are getting taken care of. And fortunately, we have all the physical things she will need thanks to our great friends and family members who came to my shower and/or gave us gifts for Brue. Everything helped tremendously! She is one spoiled girl already. Bret and I can't say thanks enough for this support and the gifts we received from you all. I finally feel prepared to have a baby thanks to everyone. We've been blessed with some amazing people in our lives!!

The only problem is are we going to raise this child? I'm a little nervous. Hopefully we can figure it out. One of our friends loaned us the book Baby Wise, so maybe I should start with reading that and go from there. I here it helps tremendously.

Alright, I'm done writing about my feelings. I just hope this little girl gets here soon. We can't wait!! :)