Sunday, April 22, 2012

Madelyn Marie Groneman

I never made an official announcement that I'm pregnant online and now it's too late.  So, instead I'm officially welcoming our newest addition, Madelyn Marie Groneman to our family! Madelyn blessed our lives on Thursday, April 5, 2012. She was 7 lbs 10 oz, 19 3/4 inches, and perfect! 

Madelyn's birth was a scheduled C-Section and it went real smooth. The recovery is lot better this time around which I'm really grateful for.  A lot of that has to do with my mom.  I was lucky enough to get her down here for 2 weeks. During those 2 weeks I didn't have to lift a finger and Ashlyn had a new best friend.  We're really sad she's gone but we're so so grateful she was here for so long! She was a life saver!!I hope I can someday become like my mom - selfless, giving, and an incredible woman.  Thanks for everything mom! 

Bret deserves some credit as well. He took a week off and was by my side at home and at the hospital.  I'm lucky to have him too. He's a GREAT dad and husband!

Ashlyn loves her  "Bees" (baby sissy). She worries when Bees cries and occasionally she'll randomly come give Bees a hug and kiss. Luckily I don't think Ashlyn views Bees as threatening yet. I hope it stays that way!

We came home from the hospital on the afternoon of Easter Sunday, which is when I also came home with Ashlyn We are good at having these Easter babies. :)  Anyways, after we came home Ashlyn started getting sick. I've never seen her so down and tired. Usually she handles pain and her sicknesses well, but not this one.  She had a fever of 104 and threw up. Yeah, it's exactly what you want around the house with a new born, right? Yeah, no way.  So, we had to keep Ashlyn away from the baby for a few days. It broke my heart because Ashlyn kept wanting to touch Madelyn but couldn't. I t paid off though because Madelyn is still healthy. I hope it stays that way.  

We'll see how it goes with having 2 kids. So far I love it and wouldn't change a thing, but then again it's been just over 2 weeks and my mom just left so we'll see what happens. :)  These past 2 weeks have been amazing with little Madelyn in our lives! I can't believe how little she is and how her grabbing my finger or snuggling with me can mean so much. She overall has been a great baby and we're so blessed to have her in our lives! Welcome Madelyn!!

The following pictures  were taken by our great friend Heather Pehrson.  She came to the hospital and took some new born photos of Madelyn.  She did a fantastic job!! I'm so grateful she was able to take time out of her schedule to do this!