Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bret's White Coat Ceremony

Bret's White Coat Ceremony turned out to be nice and short. It only lasted an hour and half which is a lot shorter than we thought. He officially has a white coat now!

Bret receiving the coveted white coat
Dean Simonsen Congratulating Bret
Bret with the Dean and Assistant Dean - and of course his good friend Todd Bret with his Dental School Friends
Bri Congratulating Bret


Aly G said...

I remember Nicks white coat ceremony like it was yesterday! It is going to fly for you guys so enjoy! We are so proud of you Bret!(and Bri)

Kristi said...

Yahoo Brett,
We are proud of you. Do you wear that to church on really nice sunny days? Where can I get one for Brandon. He thinks your cool and would want one if you have one.