Monday, January 19, 2009

What Should Have Been Your Christmas Gift

I know it's way past Christmas, but I wanted to remember how ridiculous our first Christmas gift attempt was. We were supposed to make carmel apples like the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory carmel apples to give to our friends, but none of them got one because I totally messed up the caramel and the chocolate. The pictures pretty much tell the story.
Yeah, the carmel was supposed to be ON the apples The flimsy sucker sticks bent when we put them in the apples How in the world does chocolate split in half and crack? The rest of the apples that didn't even get a chance for chocolate Needless to say, all the apples, chocolate or no chocolate, were tossed into the trash can.


Julie said...

I love it!!!!! Especially the slab of caramel on the counter!

Crystal said...

I am glad there is somebody else in the world like me! I have pretty much just given up on projects like these! I bet they still tasted good though! :)

Aly G said...

Bri, I just say Kudos for trying that. There is no way I could ever make them. They look pretty yummy still! We sure miss you! Aly

Kristi said...

I love the pictures, or evidence, of the carmel apples. You totally crack me up. The slab of carmel and the pool of carmel around the apples almost made me fall of my chair. I could just see you and hear your expressions.
don't give up. You will get it and when you do. The Rocky Mtn. Chocolate factory will be begging for your services.
I love and miss you,