Sunday, January 31, 2010

Calling all Mothers (or Fathers)

Our little girl will be here in less than 2 months and as we prepare for her arrival we are looking for things that our baby will need. As first time parents it's hard to know, with all the baby stuff available, what she really needs.

So, this is where your help comes in. Thanks to a friend's advice, I've decided to conduct a small survey to see what is 1 thing you can't live without when you have a baby. I know we need a car seat, crib, and stroller, but what else is a necessity? What brands would you recommend, etc. I seriously have no idea what to get and it just overwhelms me. Your help would be greatly appreciated! :)


Joseph and McKell Cope said...

I'm not sure if you are nursing- but if so...a GOOD pump is a must! Also, I LOVED:

1. Bumbo chair
2. Boppy pillow
3. Carter's brand onesies (especially in AZ. In the summer, Josee lived in just onesies!) They have cute ones, and I've noticed that Carter's washes up really well!
4. Oxy Clean! Whether you like it or not-she will have plenty of "explosions" and baby poo is impossible to get out. Sarah told me about Oxy Clean- and I make sure I have plenty on hand at all times. It is a life saver! Buy it in bulk at Sams or Costco. (Spare crib sheets are a must for explosion purposes as well)

I could keep going on, but just wait until after your showers because people will end up getting you what they think you need, and what they couldn't live without! I can't wait to see you guys in Feb!

**I called you earlier to set up a day for your "friends" shower. If there is a day that works for you while you are up here, let either me or Steph know. Love ya!

Tiffany Paxton said...

a swing definately mine is a graco brand... and a sound machine for sure...i got my sound machine at for 20 buck its a homedemic brand...

Tiffany Paxton said...

a swing for sure! mine is a graco brand and a sound machine i got my sound machine at for about 20 bucks its a homedemic brand... it drowns out all the outsinde noise so they sleep better and longer... and it reminds them of being it the womb...

Kranendonk Family said...

Mom :)

Jennifer said...

I would say a swing too!
Lots of onesies
Really good stroller, I bought mine at Babies R' Us.
Lots of extra sheets
Spit up rags

Crystal said...

Oxy Clean and Mylicon Drops! The Oxyclean will be for leaky diapers and the Mylicon is for baby tummy aches (gas). I am so excited for you guys! Do you have a name picked out?

Jonathan and Janessa said...

I agree with the swing. You'll need something that she'll like to sit in while you do dishes, cook, go to the bathroom, etc. Maggie loved her swing and it made it really nice to be able to sit her somewhere safe that entertained her for a while.

Gad drops are heaven sent if she is ever gassy.

Also, most diaper brands reward you for buying them. You just enter the code from the package online and you can pick out cool stuff when you've accumulated enough points. So if you decide on the same brand early you'll be able to rack up more points...I like Pampers, but that's just me :) Since you have to buy a million diapers you might as well get something out of it right? :)

Also, not all doctors tell you this, but you are going to want stool softeners for yourself after the delivery. They're in pill form sold over the counter...sorry to include that here, but trust me, you'll need them.

I can't wait to see pictures! I hope everything goes well for you :)

The Gronemans said...

These comments are helping so much! Thanks everyone!! Crystal, no we don't have a name picked out yet. We're trying to narrow down a few and when we choose one I'll definitely let you know!

Misty said...

O.k. I could go on and on. But I will try and keep it at bay.

1. Swing. I agree with everyone else. I'm on my 7th swing with 4 kids. My kids live in their swings. I also like Graco.

2. If you nurse or not. But definitely if you nurse sleeping bras. You can buy them at Motherhood. These are a must.

3. Pampers Wipes. They are the Best!!

4. Cloth diapers make good burp clothes.

5. Dreft Laundry detergent to make her blankets and clothes soft and smell really good.

Please don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions. 801-781-0465.

Love you!!

Mark and Mal said...

One thing I couldn't live without was our bouncer. Not like those bouncers that babies jump in but a small chair thing that vibrates and has music and toys hanging above it. Claire loved it and you can easily move it around the house while you're cooking or showering to keep an eye on your baby. Ours is a boppy brand and we love it!

Debra Joy said...

Brianna You inspired me to write this post. Here you go.

Jess said...

When are you coming to Utah? I need to call you.

Aly G said...

My fav must for the tub is a bear sponge you lay the baby on in the tub I go through a couple everymonth! So easy to bathe them with it and they are like 5 bucks at Walmart. I love Gerber onesies the best!!!! Gerber pacifiers especially if you nurse cuz it is shaped the same. Playtex inserts and bottles just like nursing for the babe and easy clean up just trash insert! Can't wait to see ya. Call me! aly

Ainsley Anderson said...

i've only been a mom for 2 weeks... so take my advice for what its worth. but someone told us babies don't know what they're missing, so don't feel like you have to buy all the fancy stuff. we have nothing and so far we've done fine :).

breast feeding hurts and i wish i would have been more prepared. i would start applying the lansinoh cream to your nipples like a month before the baby comes. and in the hospital ask for a nipple shield just to have one. my girly had a hard time latching once my milk came in and i was glad to have the shield. like someone else said, nursing sleeping bras and pack one in your hospital bag!!!

i'm sooo excited for you!

Mandi and Jeff said...

I read the Baby Wise book and it seemed to help Brae sleep through the night at a pretty young age.

The other item that we loved was her swaddleme wrap. I wish she would still sleep in it because she slept so soundly. Jeff says this will be his first purchase on every baby!