Wednesday, November 9, 2011


It's a little late to be blogging about Halloween, but I'm behind on blogging anyway so why not keep a tradition going? :)

This year we had a great Halloween! We started off the Halloween season visiting the pumpkin patch. Ashlyn loved seeing all the pumpkins and Bret loved showing her around. A couple weeks later Bret, Ashlyn, and I carved pumpkins, went trunk-or-treating at our ward party, trick-or-treating at Midwestern, and then trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.
Ashlyn made quite a steal with all the candy she got! I should probably mention she shares it quite well too. At first she couldn't figure out why the candy was going into her bucket instead of her hands, but she quickly learned she'd get a lot more if she kept it in the bucket.
Our Cute Little Lady Bug

She's so excited Can't you tell?!

This is Ashlyn's classic face when taking pictures. She hates pictures!

When we do get an "on purpose" smile it usually looks like this.
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Fun Night of Carving Pumpkins

Really, do I have to wear these Mom?

The Pumpkin Patch


Julie said...

Bri!!! First of all, FINALLY! Second of all, I CANNOT believe how big Ashlyn is! I almost didn't even recogonize her. And third, we miss you guys so much! Keep the posts coming.

McKell said...

Ahh! She is getting too big! I need to see the little squirt! I can't wait for you guys to come for Thanksgiving!! K, I feel like I'm screaming everything...Love you guys :)